We love helping couples make the life long commitment to love each other exclusively.  Marriage is great for individuals, for families and for society.  Should you choose to be married at the Pressie church, we will do everything possible to make your wedding day a joyful and happy occasion.

Your wedding day

Your wedding day is an important day and your marriage is even more important.  In order to help you prepare well for both, the minister taking your wedding would like to meet with you on at least four occasions in the lead up to your wedding plus a wedding rehearsal with your bridal party in the week of your wedding day.

Over the course of these four meetings we:

  • Look at what the Bible says about Christian marriage
  • work through some material that helps you think about what is at the heart of a good relationship (called the Prepare Course – or the Marriage Course –
  • plan your wedding day. It is also an opportunity for the minister to get to know you so your wedding ceremony is more personal.



The fees for weddings through our church are:-

            * Use of Church and Ministerial Services      $  350

            * Organ Use and Organist                             $    80  (an additional $40 if organist is required for rehearsal)

            * Prepare / Marriage course cost                   $    45

                   ……………………………………..                 $  475

Of course you may not be needing an organist which will reduce the cost a little for you.


It would be great if you could get along to church one Sunday and introduce yourself to our Pastors – Ben or Toby.  Our Sunday services are 10:00am family service (and 5:00pm contemporary service in the church hall).  Attending a service will give you a feel for how we conduct a service and may well help you feel more “at home” on your wedding day.  Or you can contact our office to make an enquiry 5562 2029