We Value:

  1. the Bible as God’s inerrant Word to be read, taught and obeyed that we might glorify God and enjoy him forever.
  2. the gospel of our Lord Jesus as the only way people can be saved and where we find every blessing.
  3. our Reformed and Presbyterian heritage and those who have laboured in this tradition in the city of Warrnambool.
  4. spiritual growth in all our members at all ages and stages of life so that we become more Christ-like.
  5. regular participation at our Sunday services where we enjoy the teaching of God’s word, corporate prayer and praise and fellowship with God’s people.
  6. small group discipleship as a vital means of spiritual growth.
  7. our community of faith where each member serves others in love and unity.
  8. prayer as an essential expression of our relationship with God and our dependence on his Spirit.
  9. sharing the gospel with individuals, the community and to the world so that those who don’t know Jesus might be saved.
  10. demonstrating God’s love through works of service and social justice.
  11. being engaged with the community of Warrnambool and being accessible and welcoming to all.
  12. the development of leaders and the training of God’s people for ministry.

Some Scriptures relevant to our values:                        Philemon 5-7

2 Tim 3:16-17             Eph 1:3             Rom 1:16-17            Phil 3:10-14

Heb 10:24-25             Acts 2:46          Eph 4:1-6                 1 Thes 5:16-17

Mat 28:18-20             Micah 6:8         1 Pet 2:11-12            2 Tim 2:2